South Coast Whole Frozen Lobster


About the South Coast Lobster

Timagehis cold water species, rose in colour, occurs in the deep temperate South Atlantic ocean. Our fleet of lobster trawlers operate from headquarters in Cape Town, where our cold storage facility, processing plant and engineering workshop provide comprehensive support to ensure optimum utilisation of both the vessels and lobster products. This lobster is caught with the long line lobster trap method at depths of 50m to 150m in water of 8°c to 10°c. This lobster is easily recognisable as a deep, cold water species with its exceptionally high tail to total body mass yield of 45%, giving it one of the highest tail yields of any lobster in the world. Together with the tail yield, its delicate flavour makes this quality lobster excellent value for money. The South Coast lobster is a market leader in the frozen, cold water tail market in the USA. It is almost identical in appearance to the prime European spiny lobster, Palinurus Gilchristi, also known as the Royale in France and the Cantabrico in Spain, and as such this lobster in its live form is well established and in high demand in the major European markets. Our whole raw frozen and live lobsters are also well accepted in the Asian markets. An added advantage is that fishing takes place throughout the year, and as such, continuity of supply to facilitate ordinary marketing is maintained.

South Coast Whole Lobster • South African world favourite