Atlantic Abalone

Premier Food and Fishing Limited`s Abalone farm, an established development which was one of the first abalone farms in South Africa and has been operational for more than 18. The farm is situated in the most southern port of Southern Africa, in the vicinity of a sleepy old fishing village called Gansbaai. When embarking on a project such as this, a number of contributing factors have to be taken into consideration. Two of the most important factors influencing the site were:

  1. The close proximity of the site to the sea.
  2. Favourable sea temperatures which indirectly influence the feeding habits of the abalone (Haliotis midae).

The site of Atlantic Abalone is ideally suited for the cultivation and growth of Haliotis Midae. The farm is currently undergoing some improvements and expansion in order to accommodate the abalone growth requirements plus additional transformation by making use of modern aquaculture techniques. These techniques will enable us to minimise variable uncertainties and in general, allow for far more control.

Atlantic Abalone is a sustainable business that does NOT rely on quotas. The farm currently produces 120 tons of cultured abalone per annum and is running at full capacity. The operations process consists of a hatchery, grow-out facility, grading and a live pack processing plant.

Atlantic Abalone is the first farm to invest and install Solar energy over the last two years and as we expand we will continue on this green path.

Atlantic Abalone has access to a broad international sales footprint and is rated as one of the top abalone brands internationally.

Atlantic Abalone Packaging

Standard Packaging : 7.90kgs per carton