Corporate Social Investment

Premier Fishing has been involved in a number of social investments as follows:

• National Sea Rescue Institution (NSRI) – Gold Sponsor to the NSRI. This institution provides services to people in danger in the ocean, assistance at sea as well as fishing vessels.

• Saldanha Bay Rugby – Annual sponsorship of the event for the local community of Saldanha Bay.

• Somerset Hospital – sponsorship for the upgrade of their medical facilities.

• Sweet Valley Primary School Winter Tour – sponsorship to take the school to various impoverished communities in the Western and Southern Cape to interact in sporting activities.

• “Voorskot” – an advance of working capital to previously disadvantaged Fishermen in the local and surrounding fishing communities.

• The Premier Fishing Bursary Trust – A bursary to assist employees to further educate their dependants wanting to study at a tertiary institution. It also includes assisting dependants in Grades 11 and 12 to quality for future higher education.

• Premier Fishing Learnership Programme – for the advancement of skills and training in society, the contribution to the socio‐economic conditions of society.

The company provides financial contributions to schools, organizations and individuals in the impoverished communities that we work within.