Premier is a vertically integrated fishing company specialising in harvesting, processing, sales and distribution of the various products and species.

The Company

Premier Fishing and Brands Limited is a predominantly commercial fishing, fish processing and marketing company. Its range of activities involves some 1000 permanent and seasonal staff, as well as factories, facilities and vessels operating in three provinces. Read more

Our Positioning

Premier Fishing and Brands Limited is currently well positioned in the fishing industry for growth due to the following: Strong and solid Empowerment credentials; Market share and size in relation to the 22 fishing sectors available in the SA market; Currently only has 5% market share.


Fishing Rights Allocation Process (FRAP) 2015.2016 quota allocation: Process undertaken by government to award companies / individuals /co-ops fishing rights for a duration of time to be utilised. Criteria to qualify: Strong history of fishing experience.

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